Your Private Adjuster - Team Bios


Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes is a veteran from the United States Coast Guard.  After serving our country for 22 years Robert felt the need to help after seeing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. He enlisted again, this time as an insurance adjuster thinking he could continue to find a way to give back. After 8 years he found that he could use his knowledge and represent the people as a public adjuster. We are now proud to have Robert Hughes as a trusted member of our team to continue his passion on doing right by others.

Robert is part of our Jacksonville branch where he lives with his wife of 25 years.

Matt Morrison

Matt has over 30 years experience combined in construction and insurance adjusting. He began working for his father, a commercial electrical contractor, in high school and received his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida in 1994, and received his General Contractor's license in 2001. Matt entered the insurance arena in 2008 with the crash of the real estate and construction market and found his passion in insurance work.  He worked as an independent insurance adjuster handling catastrophe and daily claims for multiple carriers such as State Farm, Tower Hill, Citizens, Security First and Assurant.  His desire to deliver fairness to the policyholder lead him to Public Adjusting where he specializes in large loss claims and has settled losses of over 10 million dollars.

When Matt was working catastrophe claims, it was so upsetting to him how he was routinely surrounded by other adjusters who were determining the value of people's loss that had no knowledge of basic construction.  Matt was working with adjusters who had never pulled a tape measure or climbed a ladder. These people were the same ones tasked to do right by homeowners who have paid premiums for decades. He saw these unknowing homeowners in the hands of amateurs. Matt decided to vow to give his efforts to stand up for the rights of the business owners and homeowners.

As a General Contractor with 10 years experience working for the insurance carriers Matt knows how to speak their language to get you what you deserve on your claim. There is nothing that gets him fired up more than an insurance company or its representative undervaluing a claim

Wes Dillion

Originally from Tylertown, MS, Wes grew up with strong values and a great sense of doing things the right way for the right reasons. His parents ran a family business for 30 years, and by their example, Wes learned the value of hard work and treating others with the kind of respect and care you would want for yourself. 

When Wes was a child, his parent’s business was severely damaged by a flood. He witnessed firsthand how much this event impacted his parents and their business at the time it occurred and for years to come. From that one incident, Wes was able to learn the importance of being properly insured and how difficult it can be to put your life back together after a significant event. Being able to help people through that process and get them the resources they need and are owed to put their lives back together is Wes’s favorite part of his work. 

Wes graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA in Communication, then began working as a catastrophe insurance adjuster for disasters across the nation. During the 13 years he worked as an independent adjuster, he handled over 6,000 claims for major insurance carriers. The most rewarding part of his work during this time was being able to provide real help for business and home owners who were faced with the kind of devastation that comes with major property damage. 

Representing business and home owners on their behalf to the insurance company as a public adjuster has brought a new type of satisfaction to Wes’s work. Often times, claims are not paid at all or are not adequately paid for various reasons. Wes has found that helping people navigate the complicated process of insurance claims and seeing it through to the end satisfies the part of him that desires for people to be treated fairly and with respect, especially by their insurance company. 

Wes’s specialty is large loss commercial and residential claims. He manages the Florida Panhandle branch of YPA and will do everything in his power to help you navigate and bring a full resolution to your claim.

Marie Avalon

Marie is YPA’s Claims Manager and brings 30 years experience working on the carrier side of insurance claims.  Marie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Arizona and immediately afterwards began her career in claims. 

She has worked as both field adjuster and inside adjuster for residential and commercial insurance companies, experience that includes 10 years of catastrophe claims.  She has also worked as a litigation examiner, claim supervisor, and claim manager.  Marie has particular expertise in commercial coverage evaluation and resolving disputed claims.   

Marie had the benefit of excellent training within the insurance industry and had the opportunity to work with some exceptional claims professionals over the years.  However, after three decades of working for insurance companies, she finds it personally and professionally rewarding to use her experience to help policyholders receive what is owed, and what is fair, when they present a claim.

Joseph McGauley

Joseph McGauley is one of our Senior Public Adjusters, licensed in Florida as a Public Adjuster since 1992. Joe is also licensed and has adjusted claims in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey, U.S Virgin Islands and Texas. Joe works out of YPA’s Orlando office.

Joe is a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator and certified umpire and appraiser. YPA is proud to say Joe is a veteran of the U.S. Army. While serving he worked for the Stars and Stripes Newspaper in South Korea and the Tropic Lightning Newspaper in Hawaii. He received in degree in Journalism from UCF in 1987.

Joe has extensive experience adjusting insurance claims from a wide variety of causes of loss including hurricane claims, fire losses, hail, wind storms, theft, vandalism, business interruption and sinkhole claims. He specializes in commercial losses and condominium claims.

Mark Williams

Mark Williams brings 10 years of claims adjusting experience to YPA.  He has investigated and adjusted thousands of claims for the insurance companies as an Independent Insurance Adjuster.  Mark has extensive experience negotiating supplemental insurance settlements and working with contractors and industry experts.

Prior to entering the insurance industry Mark was a Project Engineer for United Parcel Service and has managed complex construction projects as well as oversaw major environmental and OSHA compliance initiatives.  He has a degree in Construction Management from UNF and a Master’s Degree.

Mark is part of our Mount Dora branch at YPA.  As your representative, he will put his expertise to work to manage the claims process seamlessly for you and only you.   


Bill Potter

Bill Potter is one of YPA’s Sr. Public Adjusters based out of our North Tampa office. He has been in the industry for the last 16 years specializing in property and casualty claims. His experience includes, but is not limited to, adjustments of property claims, large commercial/automobile losses and interpreting insurance policies.

Bill’s experience provides a quick resolution to issues at hand while also bringing the loss to resolution.  He has assisted in several hundred litigation/meditations on behalf of clients. Bill is also proficient as a qualified appraiser especially because of his ability to communicate thoroughly with insureds, supervisors, legal counsel, insurance companies and neutral evaluators. 

His reputation for thorough claim documentation is well known in the industry. Bill made a big impact in the Florida marketplace being one of the “go to” guys for sinkhole claims. Carriers have since written out most of the sinkhole coverages in a standard policy.

Bill continues his reputation successfully representing large homeowner and commercial losses throughout the state.


Jamie enlisted in the U.S. Navy right out of high school at the start of the first Persian Gulf War and traveled the globe on the guided middle cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG-56). After his enlistment in the Navy he began a 20+ year career in residential, commercial and industrial construction as well as industrial facilities maintenance. Jamie has handled claims from Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Ike as an independent adjuster.

Jamie has been the estimator at Your Private Adjuster for 3 years now. He states, “Being part of this company is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had, for the simple reason that we are helping people get what they need to make their lives whole again after catastrophic events have turned their world upside down.”

 Michelle Antinucci

Michelle has over 26 years of claims adjusting experience. She has investigated and adjusted over 10,000 claims for the insurance companies as an Independent Insurance Adjuster.

Michelle has an extensive background of handling large losses and working with contractors and industry experts. She also does work as appraiser for both the insurance company as well as the consumer and has been appointed as an umpire in over 200 claims.

Michelle has a Business Degree from University of Miami and is a member of the Windstorm Network with various Community Associations and is a past President of South Florida Claims Association.