Tara Lyn Munoz

President, Cofounder, Public Adjuster, Umpire, Appraiser and Construction Consultant.

I come from a family of builders. For me, there was really no other path except something that involved construction.  My grandfather was a carpenter, my father- an air conditioning systems manager and my closest uncle an architect, the job site where I felt most comfortable. 

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I started in the insurance industry in the late 90's as an independent claim adjuster for various companies such as Liberty Mutual, Travelers and Farmers. Here, I found an avenue where I could use my construction knowledge to help people. In 2002, I went to work all around the country as a staff adjuster for Allstate.

In 2004, when Hurricane Charley hit my hometown of Orlando, Florida, there was no other option for me than to be there helping my community. After that, I went to work for State Farm as in independent catastrophe adjuster until 2013. All those years traveling for disasters brought me to 35 states, settling over 12,000 insurance claims.

In 2013, I decided to leave the insurance carriers because the industry had changed and was no longer the same as when I started in the 90's. At that time, I remember teams of adjusters sitting around a table pondering the question, "How can we cover this claim?” Those days were over. All major carriers had become all about centralization, dehumanization and finding creative ways to underpay claims.

As a representative of a carrier, you are required to follow their guidelines, which got more and more stringent as the years went on. By the time I left, guidelines such as “only using one coat of paint” or “replacing a roof and not allowing for new pipes and drip edge” were commonplace.   When in the world have you EVER painted something with one coat of paint?  When would you EVER replace shingles and leave 20 year old metal pieces up there? We all know the answer, you wouldn't!

You see, the carriers realized that they could save a little money on each claim by cutting corners on common items like paint and roofing. Over time, this meant millions in their pockets. Sadly, 80% of people just accept what they are told, and the insurance company pockets the money people have to spend for that second coat of paint, or for new pipes on their roof.

I decided that it was no longer a system I could be a part of and committed to form a public adjusting firm that would bring back fairness. People pay their premiums every month in exchange for the peace of mind that when something happens, they will be protected. I wanted to protect the people using all my years of knowledge to help business owners and homeowners, not big conglomerates. 

I am fanatical (which I think you have to be in order to be successful) about making sure the claims process goes well for my clients from start to finish, obsessive in my pursuit of a carrier paying every dollar they owe for a legitimate loss, and fervent in ensuring coverage wherever it is due. 

Unfortunately, claims are routinely underpaid and wrongly denied every day. Fortunately, I have made it my life mission (obsession) to provide a resource with Your Private Adjuster that can really help.

I could talk all day about my how proud I am of my profession and the Your Private Adjuster team. I do not consider it work, rather it is my passion to fight for what is fair for my clients. If you are reading this and we agree to take on your case, you can be sure we’ll be relentless in protecting your interest and will never stop until we feel the insurance company has paid what is fair.  Whether you choose my firm to help you (we are the best) or not, please, just don't go at it alone. What you don't know will hurt you!

In addition to over 18 years in the insurance claims industry, Tara has certifications that include the WRT certification (water dry out), Haag Roofing Certification, and she is National Flood Policy certified, Umpire and Appraiser certified and Cast Iron Pipe Inspection Trained. She is a member of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Windstorm Association and Community Association Institute.