Hurricane Hermine

To Florida property owners who were impacted by the recent hurricane:


1. This is a named storm. Even if the hurricane did not make a direct hit in your area a hurricane deductible will be applied. This is typically 2% of the insured value of the home.
2. Flood is not covered under any Homeowners Policy. You must have a separate flood policy. If you have a flood policy there still needs to be a general condition of flooding in the area. Flooding to your property alone would not be a covered loss. 
3. Any water that enters from the ground is not covered. You should not file a claim for ground water if you have only a homeowners only. 
4. Some Dwelling (Homeowners) policies cover wind driven rain coming into the homes, some do not. Commercial policies typically do not.
5. Do not file a claim just to have someone come and check your property. If the insurance comes out and pays you nothing, it has the same effects to your claim record as if you had major damage. 
6. Photograph any damages before cleaning anything up.
7.  MOST IMPORTANTLY - Call Your Private Adjuster BEFORE you call your insurance company. We will come complete a FREE EVALUATION of your loss to make sure you do not have a claim unnecessarily. If you do have a claim, we guarantee to maximize it. We can also refer you to tarping and dry out companies if necessary.


Don't leave money on the table!

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