Condominium and rental property claims are unique and often confusing. They are written in a very specific manner and normally involve several different insurance policies.


Who Owns What in a Condominium?

Condominium policies can be vague in defining what belongs to the association and what belongs to the unit owner. Most often review of the bylaws of the association is needed to determine what is covered. Your Private Adjuster has vast experience settling Condominium and rental property claims.

What Does a Rental Lease Cover?

Rental property claims have issues of ownership and coverage similar to a condominium claims. The lease may determine what is covered and what is not covered.


Our process includes:

  • Evaluating your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting you claim to the insurance company.
  • Evaluate, document, and substantiate every detail including structural loss and loss of rent.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company representative.
  • During the whole process our clients are kept informed about the progress and strategies going forward.
  • Settle the claim for the maximum amount with little to no hassle for you.