1.  Contact Your Private Adjuster

The sooner you contact us, the better. We can get to work on securing your property if needed. We will also make an appointment to meet with you right away. If your property is in need of immediate protection, boarding up, or emergency electrical and plumbing repairs we can make recommendations. 


2.  Initial Consultation

We meet to review your policies and view your loss if possible. Our thorough analysis of your policies, applicable statutes and Federal, State & Local laws will provide the framework for our claim preparation

Insurance Policy Coverage

The insurance policy coverage of buildings, contents, temporary living expenses, business interruption loss, and income loss are be included in the claim. We also research and include where appropriate such items as:

  • Depreciation
  • Demolition
  • Building Code Enhancement
  • Landscaping
  • Loss of Rent

Your Vermeulen Associates insurance adjuster will guide you through the process of understanding your insurance policy, gather pertinent documentation & records, and carefully explain policy coverage.


3.  Claim Preparation

Documents Preparation
Every tangible item lost or damaged is listed with its purchase price and date of purchase. An assessment is made of its condition at the time of the loss. We also consider its replacement cost and any diminished value due to obsolescence. We also consider any restoration costs to restore an item to its condition prior to loss. These restoration costs include repairs and cleaning.
Site Inspection
Vermeulen Associates will make a thorough inspection of the site. We will document the damage using photos and video where appropriate. Our critical analysis of any damage includes the underlying structure and utility services. We go beneath the surface to assess the full extent of the damage.
Following the inspection we prepare a listing of all materials which includes the replacement pricing. Vermeulen Associates will also include any contracted services needed to complete the restoration and repairs needed to bringing the property back to within the current building codes. The cost of specialized services (if needed) are also included.
Business Interruption
Vermeulen Associates will determine if your policy will include coverage for loss of income due to business interruption. If so we will work with your accountant or our certified public accountant accountant to determine the impact on income of this loss.


4.  Adjustment Settlement

Presentation of Your Claim
After gathering, documenting, and substantiating the details of your loss and damage, Vermeulen Associates prepares a comprehensive insurance claim. This claim is reviewed with our client and explain it in its entirety. Following client approval we present the claim to the clients insurance carrier.
Adjustment & Settlement
Vermeulen Associates, as a licensed public insurance adjuster, will meet with the insurance company representative to adjust the final settlement of your claim. Nothing will be accepted without our clients final approval.