Is your roof repairable?

When you sustain damage to the asphalt composition shingles on your roof, there are some things to consider when determining whether or not the roof can be repaired. In many situations, the insurance company chooses to pay for an individual shingle repair to a wind or hail damaged roof.

If the shingles are fairly new and the roof is well ventilated, the shingles are possibly pliable enough to perform a proper repair. Often times, due to the age and brittleness of the shingles, a proper repair cannot be completed. For every shingle replaced, the shingle directly above it will be damaged and this will keep going throughout the slopes of the roof. Therefore, an “industry standard” repair is not possible and a full roof replacement is warranted under your homeowners policy.

Also, due to the age and fading of the shingles over time, there would be a gross mismatch in color. Before you accept a subpar repair from your insurance carrier, contact Your Private Adjuster for a free consultation. 

Bottom line is this - Polices are tricky. Be sure to call us for free to review how we can help you in the event you have damage.

Remember, as a storm approaches, your insurance will pay for the damage you have to your home or business, call Your Private Adjuster first to get as much as possible for your claim.

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