Understanding Tree Coverage: Key Items to Know

Most wind insurance polices DO NOT provide coverage for trees, plants or shrubs.  They DO provide coverage for removal ONLY in the following instance:

They don't cover the tree, but they do cover the structure. Therefore, the policy owes the full cost to get the tree off of the structure and lay it in the ground.

Once it is on the ground there is typically a limit of around $500 to cut it up and haul it away.

It is important to know this so that you take pictures of all the places where trees are on the structures. It's also important that tree companies break up the invoice and separate the cost to remove vs. the cost to cut up and haul away. 

More importantly, if they can use equipment to take off and throw the tree debris away in one sweep (like a crane) - that total cost would be covered. With being the case, you would not want to allow the tree company to set it on the ground and wait for the carrier (as that would mean a greater out of pocket cost down the road).

Bottom line is this - Polices are tricky. Be sure to call us for free to review how we can help you in the event you have damage.

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