Blaine Vermeulen

Blaine Vermeulen is a professional insurance adjuster and Chairman of the Board of Your Private Adjuster who has developed strong relationships with both large and small insurance companies across the nation. In 1995, Blaine started an insurance restoration contracting company, providing both insurance adjustment and contracting services for individuals and businesses.  In the two years following Hurricane Andrew, Blaine’s company provided over $45 million in restoration and repair, making him the premier go-to company for hurricane and disaster response.  Blaine subsequently sold his multi-million dollar insurance construction company and started Your Private Adjuster. Residential and commercial policyholders rely upon him to handle their claims by working with the insurance company’s adjusters, his engineers, and other experts involved in handling a variety of claims for property damage including, but not limited to fire, flood, wind, and hail. 

As one of the co-owners of Your Private Adjuster, Blaine also has a reputation built upon skill, honesty, and reliability. When clients hire Your Private Adjuster, there are no upfront charges.  Your Private Adjuster receives payment after the insured has received funds from the insurance company. Blaine’s goal is to get the insured what they are entitled to. His experience as a General Contractor gives him a specialized perspective and unique skills to apply to each loss so that he is able to identify damage and advise the client and the insurance company appropriately.  With Blaine’s experience and ability to work with insurance companies, his clients are in the best position to receive the funds necessary to rebuild, repair, or replace the damaged property. Blaine ensures that every claim is thorough and accurate before it is submitted to the insurance company. Based upon many years in the public eye as a licensed public insurance adjuster, he is known for his integrity and trustworthiness. Since Blaine has been in the insurance industry for over twenty-five years, he is experienced and successful at settling claims in his client’s favor. He also has provided expert witness testimony for over twenty years; attorneys rely on his expertise to get fair settlements for their clients.

     Blaine’s ability to understand building and property damage is directly tied to his experience as a Class-A general contractor.  Beginning in 1979 as a general contractor in Florida, he eventually grew his company to a workforce of over 175 employees and managed hundreds of subcontractors.  Blaine is highly regarded in the construction industry, having worked with some of the world’s largest construction companies including Turner Construction, Arvida, and DeBartolo Development.  Blaine has worked on numerous large-scale projects including international airports, prisons, public schools, hospitals, high-rise apartment buildings, churches, theaters, and shopping malls.  

With his knowledge and background in both the construction and insurance industries, Blaine stands not only as an experienced contractor and a respected adjuster, but also as a strong advocate for his clients. Blaine says “You can always get what you are entitled to from an insurance company if you know how, but the public is not qualified to handle their own insurance claims.” With Your Private Adjuster, clients can rely upon Blaine and his top-notch business team to be knowledgeable, accessible, and personable.  Blaine Vermeulen is an esteemed businessman, a masterful negotiator, and an expert in his field.