Blaine Vermeulen

Blaine Vermeulen began his career in 1979 as a general contractor in Florida. His company eventually employed a workforce of 375 and he also managed hundreds of sub-contractors. Blaine is highly regarded for his home building in Hollywood, Florida and for his partnerships with some of the world’s largest construction companies including Turner Construction, Arvida, and DeBartolo Development. Blaine has worked on numerous large scale projects including international airports, public schools, high rise buildings, hospitals, apartment buildings, prisons, theaters, and shopping malls.

In 1995, Blaine started Insurance General Contractors Inc. (IGC) an innovative company providing both insurance adjustment and contracting services for individuals and businesses. Blaine has developed strong relationships with both large and small insurance companies across the nation. In the two years following Hurricane Andrew, his company provided over $45 million in restoration and repair.

Overall restoration and repair revenues resulting from Hurricanes Katrina, Hugo, Irene, Francis and various tropical storms exceed $100 million.