Your Private Adjuster, Inc.  is a public adjusting firm representing business owners and associations for property claim damages. Many people do not realize they have the right to hire an adjuster that is on their side, and they should.

Founded by Tara Munoz and Blaine Vermeulen, Your Private Adjuster is licensed in 16 states and has adjusted claims for every major disaster since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  

Blaine started his career as a licensed general contractor building high rises in New England and South Florida. He specialized in insurance repairs and was a vendor for many major insurance carriers.

Tara worked 13 years for major national insurance carriers. They have culminated their knowledge many years ago resulting in the best settlements possible for their customers. The skills learned and possessed by both Blaine and Tara have also been bestowed upon all of their adjusters, who come with a minimum of seven years experience working for the insurance companies, respectively.

You can get anything you need from an insurance company if you know how. That is what Your Private Adjuster, Inc. does for you. Most people do not realize they are leaving tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions on the table. The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. We work for you.

Our results seem unbelievable, yet happen daily. Some example of our past clients:

  • Orlando Executive Airport: The insurance company offered $1,000,000, our settlement was $5,500,000.

  • Sweetwater Ridge Townhomes Owners Association Inc (Clermont, FL) carrier first denied loss, then offered $629,000. We settled at $1,600,000.

  • Hong Kong Mall (Houston, TX), the insurance company offered nothing and said the damage was below the deductible, our settlement was $5,750,000.

  • Doral Court (high rise office building in Miami) After a lightning strike the insurance company paid $30,000, we settled at just over $1,000,000.

  • Region’s Bank Winter Park, FL (smaller everyday claim)- Box truck ran into drive through, insurance company offered $12,000 we settled at $45,000.

Everyone has a business they specialize in, it's our business to handle your claim from start to finish. We will evaluate the loss, making sure it is worth having a claim on your record; Inspect the property with a fine tooth comb making sure all damages are included and negotiate the maximum settlement for your loss.

We as a firm, know that the optimum way to do this is to surround ourselves with the best. We are extremely proud to be part of such an outstanding team that are the titans in the industry . We look forward to helping you if and when you should ever need it.